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How it works

Resizer XT positions and resizes controls by memorizing the initial look of your form when it loads. Then after each resize, Resizer XT will reposition and resize all the controls based on anchoring rules you set for each control. Of course all this is done without code! 

To anchor a control, you just enter a letter in its tag field corresponding to the top, bottom, left or right border. Each control can be anchored to the  borders of the form. This way, all the imaginable situations can be handled in a minute by combining multiple anchors. The hard work is done by Resizer XT saving you days of coding! 

Over 10 properties are included in this ActiveX. Events are raised before and after the resizing process. More details on properties and events can be found in the help file available for download.


Example 1: add easy proportional resizing

Place 2 text boxes, and 2 command buttons as in the picture below. Then drop a Resizer XT anywhere on your form (its invisible at runtime)

The result looks like this


Notice how all the controls stretch Proportionally to the form size.  

Howevwer, you can't set each control separately. For example, it is more convenient to keep the size of command 1 and command2 unchanged and resize only text1 and text2. This is done in Advanced Mode as shown in example 2


Example 2: add smart rule based resizing

Set the Advanced Property of the Resizer XT control to True.
In the tag property of each text box and button enter the following letters: 

Name Tag Effect
Text1 W width resizes with the form borders
Text2 WHF width and height resize with the form borders, font scales proportionally
Command1 XH position moves horizontally and Height resizes with the form border
Command2 XY position moves horizontally and vertically with borders

That's it, you're done, in less than 1 minutes the result looks like this



Notice how command1 moves and resizes, command2 moves without resizing, Text1 resizes without moving and Text2 resizes vertically and horizontally! The font of Text2 scales accordingly.

Every possible situation can be achieved by combining letters in the Tag property.


  Want to see more? 

To go further, open the included 'sample.vbp' project from our download page and discover a complex interface done in 5 minutes! Test Resizer XT look and feel and explore its properties. 



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